What you can discover in the Charente


Campground de la Riviere gives you here below a selection of activities and excursions found in de Charente. These can be used as a guide during your vacation.

The Lakes of de Haute Charente in Massignac (Charente, 16310)

Found in the hart of an area frequented by tourists are the lakes of de Haute Charente. You can enjoy a variety of water activities, as well as bike rentals, a number of different walking routes, supervised swimming and more…

And… you also find Adventure Parc here !


Angouleme, an artistic city (Charente,16000)

The capital city of the comicstrip.

The city has much to offer in the area of natural scenery, but also in the area of history it stands known for the gables where the famous comicstrips can be seen.


The Roman Baths of Chassenon (Chartente, 16150)

These Roman baths belong to the best preserved buildings of the Gallo-Roman world dating back many hundreds of years. They are considered historical monuments and belong to the department of Charente


Saint Germain de Confolens (Charente, 16500)

A beautiful little castle is the main attraction of this little town bordering the Vienne and the Issoire. A little town with much character found in de Charente.


The Castle of Rochefoucault (Charente, 16150)

Built in the Renaissance style, with a view on de Tardoire, this castle is an historical monument and one of the most striking castles found in France.


The Castle of Rochebrune (Charente, 16150)

Found in a beautiful park, this principality built in the Middle Ages (11th and 12th century) belonged to the gentlemen of Chabanais. The gables are decorated with the different coat of arms of the owners of Rochebrune.


The Castle of Peyras (Charente-Roumazieres, 16270)

This castle is on the list of historical monuments and is open for visitors. It displays and tells about a number of important people in the French history. The owners are prepared to share the secrets of the castle with you !


The Galliers from Esse

The society of ‘de Galliers in Esse’ is busy with the reconstruction of the lifestyle of the Lemovices, a Gallic people who lived in the Limousin.


Arboretum from the ‘Chêne Vert’

This is a 3- hectare research area found along the riverside of de Vienne, between Charente and Limousin. It is an area of natural beauty. It is open year-round for study and relaxation.

Montrol Senard : the town of the trades of long ago

You must see this town !! It takes you back to the 1930’s ! You will find a school, a shoemaker, a clogmaker, a launderette and much more. There is also a photo exposition of all the inhabitants.