A AMBITIOUS PROJECT...                                                                     The start of Camping De La Rivière

A field ( March 2010 ) 

The beginning of the construction: to make an entrance; a lot to prepare!

Making terraces on the field of the campsite. It took a long, long time before it started taking shape. 

The terraces and the roads appear!. Even trees are changing place. Little by little the field is changing.

Sewer system, water, electricity: you have to enjoy mud and trenches to do this work!!!

Time to build entrance, amenities block and the bar/restaurant 

Planting of trees, bushes and flowers. The seeding of grass is very important as well as to make separations between the pitches on the campsite.

August 2010 : after 6 months' hard work ... cutting the grass for the first time and the campsite is ready to start !!!

The first camper van, the first tent and the first party!

Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped with the construction! Without their help this would have been a neverending project.


You are welcome at Camping de la Rivière !!